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Menu settings

You can create a two-level menu on your site by adding pages, links, topics, or categories.


Fill out the form:


  • Link text
  • Position. You can choose:
  1. Top menu


  1. Bottom menu



If you want to display the top menus and bottom menus, you must create two pages (links), specifying the location for each separately. 

  • Choose page

The page must be created before you create the menu. How to create a page can be found in the "Pages" section.

If you move the scroll to the left:


You can manually write any link, rather than select a page.

  • Open in new tap. If you want the page to open in a new window, move the scroll to the right.

  • Noindex page by google, bing, yahoo etc... The option can be enabled if for some reason you do not want to index a particular page (link).

When all the fields are filled out, you need to click "Save" in the right corner of the page area.